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We have all seen how High Definition has improved the television viewing experience. Lindsay Paper Box has brought the same technology to folding cartons.

Traditionally, offset carton printing uses 150 - 200 "AM" line screen print which leaves visible print "dots" that distract from the clarity of the print.

Lindsay Paper Box has converted all of our printing to the new HD print. The result is much finer printing that, compared to traditional AM line screen technology, is much the same as comparing regular television to HD television. Images are much sharper, halftones are more defined and gradients are very smooth.

Lindsay Paper Box is proud to offer this new printing technology to all of our customers.

Komori at the Lindsay Paper Box Co. Ltd.

Lindsay Paper Box uses Komori printing presses, capable of printing six colours plus aqueous coating. We can apply a variety of coatings to finish the print job, including high gloss, gloss, matte, and soft touch coatings.

A closed loop colour monitoring system controls the colour of the printed jobs. CIP3 files are received from the Pre Press department to setup the Printing press for the next job. Press sheets are scanned throughout the production run on the X-rite spectrophotometer. The computer automatically adjusts the press to ensure that the colour stays consistent.

Our capabilities provide customers with the quickest turnaround on their jobs. Sheets come out of the press dry and ready for die cutting immediately.

We are your one stop packaging supplier...

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