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The protection of the environment is everyone’s concern and The Lindsay Paper Box Company makes this a top priority.


The Lindsay Paper Box Company has a responsibility to its staff and visitors to provide an environmentally clean and safe workplace. To support a common goal, we will:

• Comply with applicable local, provincial and federal environmental regulations.
• Continually improve the environmental performance of our products and processes
• Protect the health and safety of our employees, surrounding community and ecosystems.
• Use natural resources including raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible.

We will work to achieve these commitments by:

• Researching and purchasing products that are best case alternatives for the environment
• Requiring environmental awareness training of all our employees and more specific environmental training where applicable.
• Evaluating our products and processes from the point of view of recycling at each level of the production process.
• Assess the environmental effects of all operations and make improvements where applicable.
• Monitor and review our processes annually.


The Plant Manager will be responsible for the administration of the Lindsay Paper Box Company Environmental Policy and Procedures

Plant associates will be responsible for adhering to the Environmental Policy and Procedures


1. All paper board and corrugated board that is deemed scrap shall be compacted and sent back to mill for recycling
2. Other papers such as copier paper, note pad paper, flyers, magazines etc.. shall be gathered in a “blue box” and compacted for recycling
3. All plastics shall be separated and placed in appropriate bin(s) for recycling and sent to the recycling facility
4. All metal cans shall be separated and placed in appropriate bin for recycling and sent to the recycling facility
5. Wooden pallets shall be recycled where possible, otherwise they will be reused as applicable
6. Used hydraulic oil shall be gathered in a 45 gallon drum and sent to appropriate recycling facility
7. Used press wash shall be gathered in a 45 gallon drum and sent to appropriate recycling facility
8. All used rags shall be separated into the appropriate bin and returned to supplier for cleaning.
9. All other chemicals will be disposed of in accordance with methods described on the MSDS sheet for that chemical
10. General garbage shall be placed in the appropriate bin for pick up from the waste management service
11. All plant associates shall take every precautions to ensure that no chemical or contaminate enters the sanitary drain system
12. Any environmental issues or concerns shall be brought to management’s attention immediately
13. All hazardous materials shall be transported in a safe and effective manner using the Transportation of Dangerous Goods procedures


All raw paper box materials entering this facility shall be separated and stored within the following specific categories

1. Corrugated boxes
2. Recycled material known as CCNB [Clay Coated Newsback]
3. Virgin material known as SBS [Solid Bleach Sulfate]
4. Multipak or other to be separated and identified as such

The Lindsay Paper Box Company shall comply with the initiatives set forth by the following;

1. Sustainable Forestry Initiative- Standard Operating Procedures
2. Forestry Stewardship Council- Standard Operating Procedures


In order to conserve energy during off shift hours including weekends and holidays all non-essential equipment shall be turned off. This includes but not limited to:
• Facility lighting
• Production equipment
• Compressors
• Computers
• Monitors
• Fans


Management at The Lindsay Paper Box is committed to the 3 R’s. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All plant associates will receive Environmental Awareness training and more specific training will be provided for applicable associates. Associates will be aware of, and understand how their role at The Lindsay Paper Box Company can have a positive impact on our manufacturing environment, and the community environment in general.


As an innovative leader within the packaging industry and a good corporate citizen, The Lindsay Paper Box Company has many initiatives underway to ensure an environmentally friendly atmosphere. The associates at this facility are committed to making a positive impact regarding our recycling program, along with looking for ways to reduce or reuse materials. The Lindsay Paper Box Company has partnered with numerous customers, and we are presently reusing corrugated packaging to ship their products. This not only lessens the impact on the environment, but is also financially beneficial to both parties.

Although we are able to reuse some raw materials after “ Make Ready”, we consistently strive to reduce the amount of raw material required regardless of how many times we use it. At the present time, we are soliciting quotations for the replacement of our existing plant lighting. Over time we intend to replace the inefficient fluorescent lights (F96T12) with more efficient T5 or T8 fixtures. This will substantially reduce our hydro-electric bill and reduce the possibility of sending fluorescent tubes containing mercury to the landfill site.

Due to the nature of our business, it is inevitable that “SBS” board is used. This is a requirement from our customers. However, when possible we use “CCNB” or other alternative recycled material. This material is environmentally friendly and destruction of forests is not necessary to produce this product. We are consistently seeking out new ways to lessen our industrial impact on the environment and reduce the costs to our customers.

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